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Language Support Services

Do you have to do any of the following in English?

  • Give a presentation
  • Write a long piece of correspondence (email or letter)
  • Write a report of the minutes of a meeting or business trip
  • Prepare for and participate in an international meeting

If so, we can help.  We can coach you for any one or a combination of these tasks in preparation for the event.  We can make a flying visit to your offices at your convenience or contact you online.  We can help develop the text(s) you need or coach you in the particular situation you will find yourself in by giving you effective feedback.  This will help you not only for the one current task you have to complete but also for similar situations in the future.

Language support is not a translation service.  It is seen as a way of developing your English language skills by coaching you in very specific professional situations.

Each session/visit is timed per minute we work together on your task (see example below).

Travel and social time are not charged!  You are charged only for the minutes we spend on your task.

Language support can be used by anyone in the department, you just provide us with the names of people who may use our support services and pass on our contact details to them.  We will send you a regular balance of hours used v hours remaining.

Language Support - 10 hours

Language Support - 20 hours


Language Support - 40 hours


Package bought
 20 hours
  0 minutes
 Coaching visit/session
  1 hour
 14 minutes
 18 hours
 46 minutes