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Toronto - Baseball and a Wedding

Gepostet am 17. August 2015 um 7:45

On reaching our Toronto accommodation we were pleased to see the swimming pool and almost immediately plunged ourselves in.  We had a few hours' break before heading in to the city to meet up with the groom and his friends for a north American experience everyone should witness at least once in their lives.  Baseball - a dull game but the locals love it, or at least all that goes with it, including a "foot long, fully loaded" hot dog, beer, baseball caps, gloves.......  The game we saw was between Toronto Blue Jays and Oakland As, made mildly more interesting by the fact that the Toronto Blue Jays were aiming for a 10th successive win, a club record.  Suffice to say, they got their 10th win, the first half was relatively exciting but the rest of the game had nothing much to offer.

The following evening, we were invited to the "Rehearsal Dinner", not being major players in the wedding we didn't actually have anything to rehears except for how to eat food and drink alcohol.  It was an evening of making new acquaintances and potentially setting up free holiday accommodation for future visits to Vancouver.

On the day of the wedding we woke up to a storm so spent the morning relaxing before the clouds parted allowing a run (Emma) and a bike ride (Billy) through the more salubrious areas of suburban Toronto.

The wedding was at 5pm in One King West, Toronto.  The Canadians are good at weddings, the ceremony took less than half an hour and the partying went on for a good eight hours!  Good food, champagne, cocktails and dancing - everything a wedding should offer.

Our final day in Toronto was spent on bikes riding around Toronto Islands before returning the bikes to the rental shop. 

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