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Tourists Trapped on a Train

Gepostet am 16. August 2015 um 9:20

We got to Penn Station in New York in good time to catch the 8:15 to Montreal. Got on the train after queuing for a short millenium. The British have a reputation for queuing but we're nothing compared to the North Americans. All very orderly and polite. Getting on a train in America or Canada is like getting on a plane in Europe. The first eight hours of the journey up the Hudson River were a delight. Wonderful river views followed further north by magnificent lake vistas. All very pleasant until you are stopped near the Canadian border for a customs check. Two hours later with travel fatigue setting in we are off again. When we arrived in Montreal we staggered out grateful that our legs were still functioning as nature intended. We were especially pleased to get away from the Amtrak toilets. If you ever make such a journey be sure you have a strong bladder.

Two nights in Montreal were nothing special as the weather was miserably wet, so nothing to report other than Emma managed to find suitable footwear for the upcoming wedding in Toronto the following Friday.

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