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Seafood, Motor Cars and Dollar Pizza

Gepostet am 16. August 2015 um 9:05

 Continued our holiday in southern Maine a paradise for those who like coves, harbours, islands and secluded beaches and seafood restaurants/shacks serving lobster, clams, crabs and fish of many varieties. The only problem with this neck of the woods is its accessibility. Unlike Cape Cod, you need a car to get anywhere. We did a lot of driving to get from point to point but it was worth it because the area is full of little coastal idylls.



Drove back to New York on Sunday morning – a journey of six or so hours. We dropped off our little Beetle rental car and took the A-Train over to Manhattan for the night. Spent the evening in a jazz club called the Metropolitan Rooms. On our way back to the hotel we stopped off for “dollar‑pizza”. We made sure we got to bed early to catch the 8am Adirondack train next morning bound for Montreal.

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