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Operation Lobster

Gepostet am 7. August 2015 um 10:00

Left the lovely seaside town of Falmouth on Cape Cod and set off for Maine via Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock is the place where English pilgrims landed in America on board the Mayflower in 1620. A replica of the Mayflower - the Mayflower II - was in harbour and it looked very small and fragile for such an ocean-going vessel. Still, the pilgrims made it and from 1620 onwards the European invasion of the America started in earnest.

We arrived at our destination - Harpswell, Maine - in the early evening and having unpacked drove down to a local restaurant so that Emma could indulge her passion for seafood and her ambition to have lobster for dinner. When the lobster arrived it came with a bucket-full of "tools" to crack open the various parts of the poor beast. Accompanying the "tools" was a plastic bib for Emma to wear as the operation of dismembering the lobster results in fluids spurting out of the animal in all directions. I was sitting opposite and wished I had brought an umbrella.

Sunset, Bailey Island, Midcoast Maine

Today (Friday 7th) we are off kayaking with the weather continuing to be sunny and warm.

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