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Shining Sea Bikeway

Gepostet am 4. August 2015 um 21:40

Today we started at 7am with Emma going out for a run. It seems she is having withdrawal symptoms from running in the "Julyathon" which requires committed runners to jog each day in July for a minimum of either 30 minutes or 5 kilometers. I accompanied her today on my bike and halfway through we encountered the most massive thunderstorm, meaning both us got soaked to the bone - but it was warm summer rain and felt weirdly refreshing. Later we biked our way along the Shining Sea Bikeway which is to be recommended to anyone taking a vacation in this part of the world. On our way back we stopped off at a beautiful stretch of beach and went for a swim. The water was warm and very relaxing; Emma and I each managed to swim about 500 meters along the shore line you can see below.

New England - Full of Unspoilt and Uncrowded Beaches

We finished the day by taking the Cape Cod Trolley Bus to Woods Hole for a "fish and chips" dinner. Yes! Fish and chips in America. The fish was very similar to what you would get in Britain but the "chips" were "fries" not proper chips - Schade! We got the Trolley Bus back to Falmouth and went to a local pub for a few beers. Great day!!

The Falmouth - Woods Hole Whoosh Trolley

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