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Extremes of Service

Gepostet am 3. August 2015 um 18:40

Day Two of our holiday was a day of extremes. After a trip up the new World Trade Centre, we went to a very fancy restaurant in Trump Towers and were treated to a fine meal with excellent service. The staff were very attentive and the model of courtesy. Soon afterwards we went to a bike hire shop near Colombus Circle and were "served" by an extremely rude individual who insisted on eating a kebab while doing the administration of the bike hire. If being charmless and uncouth were rewarded in gold he'd be close to the world's richest man. We rode the bikes round Central Park with approximately one million other tourists most of whom hadn't a clue how to ride efficiently. Their seats were so low that their knees were crashing into their chins with every rotation of the pedals. Still, we enjoyed the circuit of one of the world's most famous parks. Here, however, is a little known fact. Central Park was inspired by New York officials visiting Birkenhead Park where I used to live. Why is Birkenhead Park not as famous?? Finally on Day Two we went to see The Book of Mormon which is playing on Broadway. It's a wonderfully entertaining musical satire of the Mormon Church - it's very funny and worth seeing if you're ever in New York or London.

Day Three involved hiring a car to drive over to the ferry on Long Island to take us to New London from where we drove to Falmouth near Cape Cod. It's a lovely little seaside town. We hired bikes as soon as we got here and plan to do the Shining Sea Bikeway and to go over to the island of Marha's Vineyard where the Obama's and Clinton's are on vacation - so we are told. If we meet them I'll try and get a couple of selfies.

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