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Getting in to The US

Gepostet am 2. August 2015 um 5:15

It took us longer to get cleared through passport control at JFK than the flight from Munich to Madrid.  Three hours from getting off the plane to getting out of the airport.  If anyone can tell me why the Americans need the fingerprints (both hands) and a photo of every non-US citizen visiting their country,  and that every time they arrive, please let me know.

We took a cab from JFK to our apartment in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.  Unfortunately, unlike London cabbies, the New York taxi drivers don't need to have any knowledge of the places they are driving to.  We are almost certain our driver took us on the same road in different directions more than once but I actually do believe that it was because he had no idea not because he wanted to rip us off!

We reached the apartment at about 11pm and went straight to bed - 14 hours of travelling and 3 hours of queuing had taken its toll.

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