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It's a Long Island

Gepostet am 21. August 2015 um 10:45 Comments Kommentare (0)

After a long day on the Montreal - New York train followed by a particuluarly frustrating queuing incident at Hertz, JFK we finally set off in our Dodge Dixi at around midnight, destination: Rocky Point, Long Island.

The following morning we went to the Laundromat which has actually become one of our favourite holiday activities, did some grocery shopping then went to Port Jefferson for a wander.

The following day we ex...

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Montreal - Take Two

Gepostet am 17. August 2015 um 8:00 Comments Kommentare (0)

We left Toronto on Sunday to travel back to Montreal, arriving early evening.  We checked in to a charming bed and breakfast before heading for the old town, very European in feel but also very touristy. 

Toronto - Baseball and a Wedding

Gepostet am 17. August 2015 um 7:45 Comments Kommentare (0)

On reaching our Toronto accommodation we were pleased to see the swimming pool and almost immediately plunged ourselves in.  We had a few hours' break before heading in to the city to meet up with the groom and his friends for a north American experience everyone should witness at least once in their lives.  Baseball - a dull game but the locals love it, or at least all that goes with it, including a "foot long, fully loaded" hot dog, beer, baseball caps, gloves.......  The gam...

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Tourists Trapped on a Train

Gepostet am 16. August 2015 um 9:20 Comments Kommentare (0)

We got to Penn Station in New York in good time to catch the 8:15 to Montreal. Got on the train after queuing for a short millenium. The British have a reputation for queuing but we're nothing compared to the North Americans. All very orderly and polite. Getting on a train in America or Canada is like getting on a plane in Europe. The first eight hours of the journey up the Hudson River were a delight. Wonderful river views followed further north by magnificent lake vistas. All very pleasant ...

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Seafood, Motor Cars and Dollar Pizza

Gepostet am 16. August 2015 um 9:05 Comments Kommentare (0)

 Continued our holiday in southern Maine a paradise for those who like coves, harbours, islands and secluded beaches and seafood restaurants/shacks serving lobster, clams, crabs and fish of many varieties. The only problem with this neck of the woods is its accessibility. Unlike Cape Cod, you need a car to get anywhere. We did a lot of driving to get from point to point but it was worth it because the area is full of little coastal idylls.

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Operation Lobster

Gepostet am 7. August 2015 um 10:00 Comments Kommentare (0)

Left the lovely seaside town of Falmouth on Cape Cod and set off for Maine via Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock is the place where English pilgrims landed in America on board the Mayflower in 1620. A replica of the Mayflower - the Mayflower II - was in harbour and it looked very small and fragile for such an ocean-going vessel. Still, the pilgrims made it and from 1620 onwards the European invasion of the America started in earnest.

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Shining Sea Bikeway

Gepostet am 4. August 2015 um 21:40 Comments Kommentare (0)

Today we started at 7am with Emma going out for a run. It seems she is having withdrawal symptoms from running in the "Julyathon" which requires committed runners to jog each day in July for a minimum of either 30 minutes or 5 kilometers. I accompanied her today on my bike and halfway through we encountered the most massive thunderstorm, meaning both us got soaked to the bone - but it was warm summer rain and felt weirdly refreshing. Later we biked our way along the Shining Sea Bikeway which ...

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Extremes of Service

Gepostet am 3. August 2015 um 18:40 Comments Kommentare (0)

Day Two of our holiday was a day of extremes. After a trip up the new World Trade Centre, we went to a very fancy restaurant in Trump Towers and were treated to a fine meal with excellent service. The staff were very attentive and the model of courtesy. Soon afterwards we went to a bike hire shop near Colombus Circle and were "served" by an extremely rude individual who insisted on eating a kebab while doing the administration of the bike hire. If being charmless and uncouth were rewarded in ...

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The Chardonnay Run

Gepostet am 2. August 2015 um 5:30 Comments Kommentare (0)

I'm pleased to report that, despite jet lag and a major lack of sleep I managed to run the 5k in under 30 minutes.

Getting in to The US

Gepostet am 2. August 2015 um 5:15 Comments Kommentare (0)

It took us longer to get cleared through passport control at JFK than the flight from Munich to Madrid.  Three hours from getting off the plane to getting out of the airport.  If anyone can tell me why the Americans need the fingerprints (both hands) and a photo of every non-US citizen visiting their country,  and that every time they arrive, please let me know.

We took a cab from JFK to our apartment in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.  Unfortunately, unlike London cabbies, the ...

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